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February 17, 2003 Observer Newsletter: Death of Curt Hennig


Curt Hennig, whose career was one of the top wrestlers in the world ended prematurely with a back injury, saw his life end shockingly under mysterious circumstances in a Brandon, FL hotel room on 2/9. He was 44.

Hennig was considered one of the top five or ten wrestlers in North America from 1987-91 during a period where he had lengthy runs with both the AWA world heavyweight title and the WWF Intercontinental title.

Born March 28, 1958, Curt was the son of veteran badass Larry Hennig, a burly 6-3, 300 pounder who wasn’t a great worker, but was well respected as being one of the tough guys of his era. Larry started his career as “Pretty Boy” Larry Hennig, known for his late-1960s tag team with “Handsome” Harley Race and early 70s tag team with “Luscious” Lars Anderson. He was known later in his career after turning babyface as “The Axe,” using a form of clothesline as his finisher.

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