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February 19, 2001 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Yearly business breakdown, WCW shutdown nixed, more


The XFL went from television's penthouse to its outhouse in record time as ratings plummeted on NBC to the point the entire league is already being labeled, just two weeks in, a major failure in most circles.

It got so bad, that on 2/12, just eight days after the initial ratings for opening night came in at well above the levels even the most optimistic in NBC expected, that emergency meetings were held after an embarrassing show with a tremendous finish went 45 minutes long due to an alleged generator problem, an injury, and a double overtime.

The prime time rating fell from a 9.49 to a 4.4 on NBC (I believe with the 45 minutes past prime time that actually did better with the close game in double overtime, the final NBC number was a 4.6), going from first place to last place in the prime time race over the course of one week.

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