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February 19, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWE 2017 earnings report, Rey Mysterio appearing for NJPW, more


World Wrestling Entertainment set a record for revenue in 2017 and its future looks bright, largely based on the future of content rights fees, which are the future of the modern business.

Right now there is a demand for niche content and WWE can produce it, whether it be wrestling, reality shows or other content with wrestlers. Whether the content fees are sustainable has been a question people in sports have been asking, and stories of the inevitable bubble bursting have been trotted out for decades. Even with declining ratings, the sports products with any sort of mainstream appeal continue grow in television revenue, which in time will be media revenue. Still, there are a lot of start-ups that will lose a lot of money in this game.

For the year, WWE grossed $800,959,000, by far its record year, up 9.6 percent from last year. Profits were $32,116,000. In 2016, the company grossed $729,216,000 and the profits were $33,725,000. 

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