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February 3, 2003 Observer Newsletter: The potential retirement of The Rock, more


An interview with Dwayne Johnson has put into question his pro wrestling future while WWE appears to be on the verge of what will be a hot streak leading into Wrestlemania with the return of Rock, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and possibly Kevin Nash. However, the odds of Bill Goldberg being part of that package decreased over the past week.

According to an article by someone using the pseudonym Jake T. Icon (who does a regular column in the Wrestling Chatterbox newsletter), who claimed to have been an extra on the set of “Helldorado” (which is the name they seem to be going with for Johnson’s current project), the two talked about his future, and he claimed that he would wrestle at No Way Out against Hogan, at Wrestlemania against Goldberg, and then retire from wrestling. He said it wasn’t a retirement for good, but with so many movie projects, he wouldn’t have time to do wrestling, but was planning on returning some day when he’s not as hot a commodity in Hollywood. 

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