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February 5, 2001 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWF signs Justin Credible, WCW to shutdown temporarily, more


The signing of Pete Polaco (Justin Credible) by the World Wrestling Federation has seemingly opened the doors and changed the equation as it pertains to the future of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Polaco, 27, one of many ECW wrestlers who had gotten in extreme financial straights because of being behind in pay, as well as high medical bills when his wife gave birth that he was under the impression an ECW deal which included health insurance would cover, was under some major pressure to make some sort of a move for his future that he was seriously contemplating getting out of pro wrestling.

The news of Polaco's signing, as well as word getting out of WWF's negotiations with Yoshihiro Tajiri and Terry Gerin (Rhino), neither of whom have signed as of press time, changed the equation from recent weeks when WWF had said they wouldn't take ECW talent until Paul Heyman's situation cleared up, not wanting to ruin a potential sale or television deal for him.

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