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January 18, 2021 Observer Newsletter: The COVID-19 era continues


A series of COVID-19 stories came out regarding some major players both having tested positive last year as well as currently.

I had expected new cases coming off Christmas and New Year’s just because that has been the case in society at large. In actuality, within the industry it wasn’t as bad as I had expected coming out of the holidays, although certainly in no way is good.

I do know that in both WWE and AEW privately, and Paul Levesque publicly, has talked about talent that is too cavalier, attending large parties, still going out since so many live in Florida and wrestlers from multiple companies often get together and socialize and that can cause spread throughout the business. There are AEW/WWE couples and at least one WWE/Impact couple. Levesque on a press call a few months back noted in frustration that a lot of talent thinks we’re over it and we’re not over it.

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