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January 21, 2002 Observer Newsletter: More details on Hogan/Nash/Hall to WWF, more


A point to ponder when looking at the news story that changes the entire face of American pro wrestling.

1) Since Kurt Angle has headlined more shows that have drawn 10,000 fans in the last 15 months than Kevin Nash & Scott Hall have combined in careers that have gone a combined 29 years

2) Has headlined more PPV shows than have drawn 1.0 buy rates in the last 15 months than Hall & Nash combined have drawn in their entire careers

3) Has headlined more Madison Square Garden sellouts in that same time period than Hall & Nash in their entire much longer WWF careers

4) And has had more **** matches in the last three months than Hall & Nash combined in their entire careers, does that mean that Hall & Nash have to fly coach now that they are coming to the WWF?

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