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January 25, 2021 Observer Newsletter: Why a quarantine policy could affect wrestling & MMA


Depending on if exceptions are made for athletes are not, President Biden announcing a quarantine on people coming into the U.S. can greatly affect wrestling and to a degree MMA. With MMA, because the nature of the fight is such that fighters could spend two weeks quarantined and would still take the fight it could be worked around.

Biden brought up quarantining on 1/21 but didn’t mention a time frame. Japan and the U.K. both have a two-week quarantine in place for people coming from foreign countries.

With wrestlers from Mexico or Canada coming into the U.S., it would be more difficult. The idea they would have to test negative before boarding the plane that arrives would not be a game changer, but a lengthy quarantine period entering would make it so talent would probably have to move to the U.S. if they are European and Japan-based to work here, because to come in, you’d have to quarantine upon arrival for a certain length of time, and then for two weeks when returning.

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