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January 26, 2004 Observer Newsletter: Decline of WWE popularity, what can be done


There is a major misconception in wrestling today about what the problems facing the industry are.

For the most part, now more than ever because of the workload involved, the major decision makers live in an insular world. The reaction to wrestling consists of crowd reactions at the live venues, and feedback, either from those in the company who are also in the insular world, or to a lesser extent from the internet or newsletters, which generally represent the views of people who have been fans forever and many of whom will be fans until it’s literally driven out of them, which in many cases, has also already happened.

They all represent a tiny percentage of actual fans. If you go to a WWE live event and sit in the stands, while the things you hear from the audience are not nearly as funny as 15 years ago, you find very few people (to be honest, I’ve never heard it and I go to almost all WWE house shows when they are in this area) who bring up what is happening or going to happen because the same show was run the night before and you can to go a web site and see what happened.

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