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January 3, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Goldberg injured after car window stunt goes wrong, tons of news


It appears that Bill Goldberg will be out of the ring somewhere in the neighborhood of ten to 15 weeks as the word going around within the company but others are optimistically saying it'll be closer to six weeks.

The actual blow which cut up Goldberg's arm did air on television which was an elbow shot into the window of the limo that didn't break the first few times. Hopefully there in the future on angles like this will be more consideration given to gimmicking windows. The original angle involved Goldberg using a sledge hammer to break the windows and not his fist. It was changed to make it look more impressive to where Goldberg would hold a small pipe in his hands that wouldn't be visible to television viewers when smashing the windows. However, on the first or second blow that broke the first two windows, the pipe flew out of his hand and into the limo and with the tape rolling he couldn't very well open the door and get it. He still had more windows to break and more time before they yelled cut so he decided to try and break the big window with his elbow which took a few tries and hurt himself in the process. He had plastic surgery done in the hospital in Salisbury, MD that night and needed 40 stitches.

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