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January 4, 2021 Observer Newsletter: Rest in Peace Brodie Lee & Danny Hodge


The shocking death of Jon Huber, better known as Brodie Lee and Luke Harper, brought a fractured U.S. wrestling world together in ways almost never thought possible.

Huber passed away on 12/26, two months after his lungs began to shut down, while hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. He had been hospitalized since late October, just weeks after one of the biggest matches of his career, a dog collar chain match where he lost the TNT title to Cody Rhodes on the 10/7 episode of Dynamite. It was a brutal bloodbath match, more akin to a match from the 1970s as far as the bleeding, but with the harder physical style of modern wrestling.

His death at the age of 41 left people looking for answers, which created a furor of its own. Given the times, COVID-19 would be the conclusion almost everyone would to come to. In many ways, it would give people an answer. Obviously his doctors didn’t discount that possibility as he was tested over-and-over while in the hospital, with every test imaginable, including for antibodies which would show having it in the recent past, even though he was also tested regularly at his work. 

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