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July 1, 2002 Observer Newsletter: WWF hires Vince Russo, King of the Ring review


In a year filled with surprises and some of the most questionable decision making by a major company owner in history, Vince McMahon surprised everyone on 6/20 when it was announced he had hired Vince Russo.

The ramifications of the move were huge, because Russo had little respect among the wrestlers, and was hated by many, and even more so by many front office employees for both personal and professional reasons. It was shocking because while the declining numbers indicate what they are doing isn't working, it was a public acknowledgement by McMahon that he had no confidence this creative staff, which now is the creative staff he's left with, is going to be able to turn it around. By the next day, things changed again, as after a meeting with the writing staff and Vince, Russo, originally scheduled to on paper report to Stephanie McMahon, but in reality be in control of creative, was taken off creative completely.

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