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July 15, 2019 Observer Newsletter: Death of Paco Alonso, G1 Opening, more


Francisco “Paco” Alonso, the President of the world’s oldest pro wrestling company, CMLL, passed away on 7/6 at the age of 66.

The death was shocking to almost all in wrestling. There was no word that he was ill nor any indication of anything. There were some rumors on 7/6 very late that went around, but virtually nobody, including the wrestlers, knew the news until it was announced at the 7/7 show at Arena Mexico and the promotion then released word.

The wrestlers were all called into the ring together at the show and were not told why, and none knew about Alonso’s death. The belief was that they were doing another moment of silence for the Sunday crowd regarding the death of Perro Aguayo.

His daughter, Sofia Alonso, 28, a great granddaughter of Salvador Lutteroth, who founded the company in 1933,said that her father fainted on 7/5 and her mother called an ambulance.

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