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July 16, 2001 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: ECW joins the invasion, more


One of the most amazing weeks in pro wrestling history saw the World Wrestling Federation abandon nearly all its plans and re-create Extreme Championship Wrestling from the ashes in a story that, truth be told, in hindsight looks like the single greatest case of manipulation in the modern history of pro wrestling.

The formation of ECW was decided upon, although there were moves and hints to do so for some time, late last week after the realization that the current plans as they were laid out were going to be a disaster due to the reaction to the so-called WCW matches at last week's television tapings in Tacoma.

The basic plan, much of which has been outlined here for weeks, was for WCW to get a few weeks of television exposure building a feud with WWF for a series of interpromotional matches at the 7/22 Invasion PPV in Cleveland. It would be a one-time deal and the feud would end with the PPV.

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