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July 17, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WCW Bash at the Beach with big angle reviewed, plus tons of news


It all started in late 1995 at the coffee table of the strength coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, Kim Wood's house.

Brian Pillman was 33 years old. His body was breaking down from the years of football and high flying wrestling. His contract was due the next summer. His future was stable in that there was little doubt he'd be able to renew his deal, probably for at about the $250,000 per year on a three-year deal at the level he was at. But, like every branded mid-carder in WCW, he was frustrated that he wasn't going to elevated and felt unless he got a Lex Luger level contract, he'd never be pushed past the glass ceiling into the main mix. Unlike others who just got frustrated waiting for the their push that never came unless they left the company, he decided to formulate a plan. He and Wood, who was like his father figure because his natural father died young, formulated this angle.

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