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July 24, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: ECW Heatwave review, wrestling business uncertainty, more


While a hot PPV show and an impromptu brawl in the middle of the show stole the headlines, in the big scheme of things, with the future of the company at stake, those were only minor issues.

After five years of the biggest boom period in the history of this industry, pro wrestling, ironically, like so many industries in this ever changing world, has never been faced with so much uncertainty. Despite more attention than ever before, the landscape may have never looked more scary.

There is really only one major promotion in the world that can be described as stable and with a future that at least short-term looks bright, the World Wrestling Federation. With a place on the stock market, and the CBS/Viacom deal along with a business partnership with NBC, opening so many new promotional doors, not to mention record revenues from various sources and building the strongest minor league foundation to insure a steady supply of what the life blood of the industry is, young fresh talent.

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