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July 26, 2021 Observer Newsletter: Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, Money in the Bank review


Rumors regarding Bryan Danielson and C.M. Punk heading to AEW broke on 7/21.

First, with Danielson, what was first reported by Cassidy Haynes of is that Danielson has signed with AEW, and that he would debut on the 9/22 show at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. Bryan Alvarez also heard the same date for a debut for Danielson.

Nobody has been able to confirm the story but for such a major story, nobody has denied it either. Debuts for either or both would be something that the company would never confirm to begin with, and if the stories weren’t true, they’d be quick to deny them most likely.

For something at that level, one would think there would be a denial if there wasn’t something to the stories or at least something close because in a number of cases of reports of people on the verge of signing who were not, denials came quickly, particularly involving Punk, who has been quick to deny previous rumors. Punk even played into them by tweeting out the Alan Parsons Project song “Sirius” which is the theme song for the Chicago Bulls and AEW has looked to trademark the phrase “First Dance” which is an offshoot of “Last Dance,” the name of the heavily talked about 2020 ESPN mini-series of the heyday of the Bulls and Michael Jordan.

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