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July 29, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Raw Eric Bischoff reset works, more


As it turned out, the latest Raw re-set, using Eric Bischoff in the role of figurehead GM, was of much bigger proportions than any of the previous ones.

Unlike the others, which added old favorites and re-mixed talent, the 7/22 Raw was like a completely new show. There was a 180 in the attitude of the company in recent weeks away from pretending that nothing that happened outside of WWE historically mattered, to instead rebuilding based around a storyline recreation of the Raw vs. Nitro real feud that propelled the industry to its greatest heights.

Using Bischoff as the catalyst and as the star of the new Raw, they are building a strong Raw vs. Smackdown feud and apparently making the two shows as different as possible, both moves that were needed from the start to make the brand extension work. But it went much farther, as Raw was reminiscent of an angle and gimmick laden show, and was supposed to look like the glory days of Nitro.

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