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July 30, 2001 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWF Invasion reviewed, more


Just a few weeks ago, the World Wrestling Federation appeared to be on its way down. Bad booking, lack of making fresh stars, all the usual reasons. Then, as pro wrestling shows, the right angle can turn it all around.

The Invasion PPV on 7/22 from the Gund Arena in Cleveland appears to have been a major success based on three things happening, 1) ECW was injected into the interpromotional angle; 2) The booking of the interpromotional angle, once head writer Stephanie McMahon and Paul Heyman was involved as characters, suddenly got inspired; and 3) They gave the fans what they wanted. The Steve Austin that sold tickets. Preliminary indicators, such as attendance at the Famous Players theaters in Canada as compared with usual shows, volume of feedback, and television ratings from 7/23 (5.35 rating, best number since 4/9), are all positive signs of a turnaround.

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