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July 8, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Bret Hart, WWE business report, more


In 1996, while contemplating retiring from wrestling, Bret Hart found himself in the middle of a bidding war between WCW and WWF. As the money offers escalated, Hart found himself in a position where he couldn't reasonably walk away from the business, and recognized that when all was said and done, he'd have more money then he'd ever dreamed and be financially set for life.

Determined to not end up a tragic figure, as he'd seen from far too many wrestlers throughout a lifetime around the business, Hart ended up becoming exactly what he feared most.

While the Hart family always had their foibles and problems, they were generally regarded as a unique family, but largely remembered in the business in both funny and positive ways. Unlike their American counterparts, the Adkissons (Von Erichs), they didn't succumb to the drug issues and the inability to deal with fame, and losing fame, at a young age.

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