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June 10, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Brand extension and a decline in ratings, more


With Raw ratings at their lowest level in four years, Smackdown ratings at the lowest level in history and attendance at its lowest level in nearly five years, it would be easy to write the brand extension off as a failure ten weeks in.

Thus far, not one new superstar has been created. Instead of opening up new spots for interesting talent, it has served to dilute the star power of both shows. Now that fans understand who is on what roster, ticket sales for the split house shows have declined greatly. And there is no sign of a turnaround any time soon.

On the other hand, what did anyone expect? All numbers were bound to fall at first. And they are going to stay at lower levels for a while. This has to be considered a rebuilding phase for the company, and the split crew gives them more opportunity to make new stars, that can hopefully be of ticket selling variety.

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