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June 11, 2001 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Potential for Goldberg to sign with WWF, more


Probably the most important talent decision that will be made in a long time by WWFE is the question regarding the potential of hiring Bill Goldberg.

At this point, the WWF policy seems to be that Goldberg's contract is ridiculously high, and therefore he's not under consideration at this point. At the same time, nearly everyone who is not in the WWF decision making department that closely follows wrestling believes it is inevitable they will make an attempt to hire Goldberg at some point, probably if or when the WCW acquisition fails to be able to draw at house shows, PPVs or simply doesn't get off to a strong start. The feeling seems to be that WWF is going to make a strong attempt to hire him at some point, even though they don't seem to know it (sort of like the feeling come early next year when Kevin Nash is available), so therefore, they might as well do it now because WCW needs to make a strong first impression or it'll have a tough time getting off the ground.

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