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June 11, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: CM Punk and Colt Cabana win lawsuit, more


The three year legal battle between C.M. Punk, real name Phil Brooks, and longtime friend Scott Colton, Colt Cabana, as defendants in a defamation lawsuit brought on by WWE physician Dr. Christopher Amann ended on 6/5 with the jury ruling against Amann, ruling he was entitled to no damages.

Amann’s attorneys, earlier that morning in their closing remarks, asked for $3,989,000, coming up with the number based on $1 per listener of the podcast in question.

Punk, 39, and wife A.J. Lee, real name April Mendez, who testified for him in the case, broke down and cried as the verdict was read, just four days before Punk was scheduled to fight in a UFC PPV s

Being in court for a week had to wreak havoc on his fight preparation during the most crucial part of camp. Punk said that even with spending most of the day in the courtroom, that he was able to get two training sessions in during the trial, just had to rearrange things, but with his camp usually in Milwaukee, and not Chicago, it had to have had an effect.

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