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June 17, 2019 Observer Newsletter: Scary incidents in the ring, NJPW Dominion review


Both WWE and New Japan had major scares in the ring on big shows this weekend.

With WWE, Bill Goldberg appeared to have knocked himself out charging into the post early in his match with Undertaker on 6/7 at Super Showdown Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Goldberg was instantly covered in blood. The usual WWE protocol on television would be to send a doctor out and check on him and clean up the blood. Whether because it was a carefully laid out match and they didn’t want to throw the guys off, or it was Saudi Arabia, or it was a dream match, they just let it go. Goldberg’s legs weren’t under him and when he went for a jackhammer slam, which was supposed to provide a big pop for Undertaker kicking out of it, he lost control of Undertaker and dropped him on his head. Undertaker also tombstoned Goldberg on his head and then they were botching spots, including Goldberg not going up for the choke slam finish.

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