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June 21, 2004 Observer Newsletter: JBL controversy, ROH/RF Video split


Just as the controversy involving whether or not Rob Feinstein was still involved with Ring of Honor had started to die down, a split-up of ROH and RF Video reopened the can of worms and established that while Feinstein had left personal involvement in the company, he was always planning on returning, and is now back in business. The big questions left unanswered are how much, if any, influence he had over the past few months, and who knew what.

The split took place with Feinstein and ROH and RF Video paper president Doug Gentry on one side, and ROH majority owner, Philadelphia ticket broker Cary Silkin, and booker Gabe Sapolsky on the other. It had been building since shortly after the Feinstein scandal broke. This past week Silkin reached a verbal agreement to purchase Feinstein’s 45% of ROH that Gentry had been holding for him. As of press time, the actual sale contract had not been signed.

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