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June 21, 2021 Observer Newsletter: WWE SummerSlam & Hell in a Cell notes, NXT TakeOver: In Your House review


SummerSlam tickets for 8/21 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas officially go on sale to the public on 6/18, but with no matches or talent announced, it looks like the idea of making it the company’s big-time travel show of the year is going to work.

Actual ticket sales started on 6/14 and at press time there were just over 3,000 seats remaining. The question, and WWE hasn’t answered, The building right now is set up for 41,600 total people which means for an event of this level, about 35,000 paid. However, many sections that would hit that total were not put on sale yet. They did come close enough to presale expectations since they put more seats on sale after day one than were on sale on day one. It appears that more than 30,000 tickets are out at this point between those sold and business comps, so tickets moved very well. WrestleMania did most of its selling in the presale and each night ended up in the 20,000 range. It is interesting that so many piggy backed off WrestleMania as was tradition, but right now nobody seems to be piggy backing off this even though it looks to end up with a lot more traveling fans.

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