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June 22, 2020 Observer Newsletter: #SpeakingOut and the David Starr allegations, more


The career of David Starr (Max Barsky, 29) appears in jeopardy after a sexual assault charge and public exchange between Starr and an ex-girlfriend named Victoria took place on social media this past week.

This has led to a groundswell of charges on social media, largely involving U.K. wrestlers, but also a number of well known names on the U.S. scene.

Starr was the top independent wrestling star in Europe when the pandemic hit. He was also well-known for his attempts to unionize pro wrestlers in Europe and around the world. He had moved to the U.K. several years back feeling he had more opportunities for stardom, and also was very negative on the health care system in the U.S. He was a polarizing figure since he heavily pushed his political beliefs and in particular his long-time support of Bernie Sanders. He was also used as a top star in the top U.S. indie groups like PWG and AAW. 

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