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June 23, 2003 Observer Newsletter: Vince McMahon Real Sports appearance


Perhaps the biggest problem facing the pro wrestling industry is the rash of young deaths, a subject reported on frequently, largely because the deaths are so happening with more and more frequency.

There is also no easy answer to the question. The HBO “Real Sports” segment on the subject that aired on 6/24 will become a controversial story because of the reaction of Vince McMahon in the interview taped on 6/12. McMahon, going back to his first Bob Costas show form, acted threatening, made childish faces and voices and attempted to slap papers out of the hands of reporter Armen Keteyian. This would have, and did, reflect badly on the CEO of a publicly traded company when he was talking about the XFL, like with Costas. When talking about deaths of wrestlers under the age of 45 since 1997, 15 of whom worked for him during their careers, it was a televised self destruction that spoke more than the past two years of missed opportunities combined about a profession that is often sick, and is running on such a fast track, that it really doesn’t care.

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