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June 25, 2001 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Plans to relaunch WCW, more


The future of pro wrestling in North America will likely be determined by decisions and actions over the next three months based on the success of the introduction of WCW as a full-time promotion.

The World Wrestling Federation is planning a significant overhaul in aspects of its television as well as significant roster changes due to both the declining ratings pattern and the debut of WCW.

Details of the plans have not been released publicly since much of the end result will be explained through television storylines. What is known is WCW will have its own television show, far sooner than most expect it, and the plans that have been in place for more than one month regarding television appear to be still going through. There is talk of restructuring exactly how the lower rated shows, such as Heat, Superstars, Metal/Jakked and Livewire would be handled as well, since all have shown strong ratings declines in recent months and the Heat at WWF New York on MTV has been a failure to the point that even those in the company publicly have made fun of its ratings.

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