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June 28, 1999 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Reaction to WWF contracted Sable appearing on WCW TV, more on Hart/WWF lawsuit


After a week, it is even less clear what WCW hoped to accomplish when putting Rena Mero on Nitro on 6/14.

While it was the "talk" of wrestling for the week, that didn't amount to a thing in the ratings. The ensuing Thunder show dropped even lower than the ratings marks of recent weeks. And it opened WCW up to potential legal action, which seemed stupid to strengthen the WWF's anti-trust case against them at this stage of the game which is all her appearance really did.

WCW's explanation that she came to the event and bought a ticket is ridiculous given the nature of the business, and one that nobody with half a brain will accept. The fact she was sitting in the front row with security guards around her and showed up well into the show makes that story even more outlandish. Mero's even sillier explanation in a USA Today story on 6/21 was that "I wanted to see if the same level of obscenity was taking place. It was not."

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