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June 29, 2020 Observer Newsletter: #SpeakingOut continues, WWE COVID-19 outbreak


The Pro Wrestling industry in Europe and North America, an industry that has had a male-dominated culture since its inception, was rocked to the core by women this past week with story after story of abuse with names from every significant promotion.

The U.K. scene was hit the hardest, but there were allegations against significant names in every promotion.

When the week was over, Joey Ryan was accused by so many women of inappropriate sexual actions that people lost count (there were at least 16 stories that had come out), and was not only fired by Impact, closed down his Southern California promotion, Bar Wrestling, and it’s hard to believe that his career in pro wrestling isn’t over. His closest friends were shocked, saying they had no idea and many people who knew him as these revelations came out went into some deep depression and soul-searching trying to process the information. One person close to everyone on the Southern California scene said that Ryan’s entire life was wrestling and that nobody had any contact with him since 6/21, and also noted that probably very few tried to get in contact with him either.

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