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June 3, 2002 Observer Newsletter: More on the life and career of Davey Boy Smith


The death of Davey Boy Smith on the late evening of 5/17 while on vacation was a lot of different things to different people.

Within the world of wrestling, it was something people have become numbed to because of the frequency of such stories. When the word reached many of the former WCW wrestlers who worked with him in the past at a major indie show in Kearny, NE, it was, sadly, almost a humdrum reaction, with many talking about it as being something almost expected from seeing him during his darkest days. To many of his friends and even those in his former family, it was by no means a welcome relief. But in reflection, they looked on the bright side, that their friend's five years of pure hell in battling drug addictions which changed him from the person they wanted to remember him as was over.

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