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June 6, 2022 Observer Newsletter: MJF walk out & promo, Double or Nothing review



Max Friedman, 26, AEW’s MJF, went out to replicate a combination of the C.M. Punk pipe bomb promo and Brian Pillman in a series of events this past week that has made him the most talked about wrestler in the business.

In doing so, it also in the big picture shows how the current economic system in pro wrestling is very much different from the past.

The week culminated in a promo on the 6/1 show in Los Angeles, filled with swearing, running down Tony Khan as a mark who should be in the stands, told Khan he wanted him to fire him, used the Jim Cornette created term “All Friends Wrestling,” to categorize the promotion and complaining about his pay, saying Khan hoards all the money and pays more for ex-WWE talent that can’t lace his boots. His delivery was fantastic and this could end up being the most talked about and most remembered promo of the year.

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