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June 9, 2003 Observer Newsletter: Career and death of Freddie Blassie


Just weeks after the release of his autobiography and a live appearance on television to promote it, 85-year-old Fred Blassie, one of pro wrestling’s most hated and colorful characters, passed away.

Blassie passed way at 8:37 p.m. Eastern time, less than a half hour before the Raw where the announcement of his death went on the air when his internal organs finally shut down after being in a weakened condition for weeks.

He had been in the hospital in Westchester County, NY 5/19, which was a week after his Raw appearance in Philadelphia. His condition was not considered good, and wishes to pull through were mentioned on several WWE television shows last week. His kidney (his only one as he had to have the other one taken out in 1965 which at the time was thought to have ended his career) developed an infection which spread throughout his body, and caused problems with both his heart and his liver. His heart problems were the most serious.

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