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March 11, 2002 Observer Newsletter: WWA fiasco detailed, TNA starting soon, more


Ever since the folding of WCW and ECW about one year ago, one of the biggest stories in American wrestling has been the frustrating situation with all the pretenders to fill in the void.

They've ranged from the absolute jokes, MECW, to a promotion which had some early success, WWA, to the strange question mark, XWF. And there are likely many others on the horizon.

All were different. MECW seemed to be a con by a delusional wrestling wannabe, backed up by alleged unlimited resources of someone who never came through with money that was under investigation for securities fraud.

WWA was looked at as an international touring organization which would sell shows to local rock show promoters, through the main promoter, Andrew McManus' connections for being Australia's leading rock promoter for many years.

XWF has the old unlimited resources and big money, and spent millions producing a tape.

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