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March 12, 2001 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Future of WCW and ECW


We are clearly in a transitional period for pro wrestling in the United States, and a dangerous transition at that.

The big stories of the first few months of 2001 were the chickens coming home to roost of the huge money losses of 2000--the official folding and impending bankruptcy of ECW, which may be announced before you read this but even if it hasn't been is an inevitability, and the sale of WCW, which may not be exactly smooth sailing but is still expected to go through. Even if the sale goes through before you read this (and it appears it will be at the earliest a week or so later), it leaves a world of question marks for its future. And like while following the fortunes of ECW and WCW last year, the questions, like for virtually the last year, really aren't about now. They are about one year from now and where this business is headed if and when it stabilizes..

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