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March 14, 2022 Observer Newsletter: More on Tony Khan & ROH, AEW Revolution review

A review of AEW Revolution, the latest on where Cody Rhodes may go next, and more.

Tony Khan after the purchase of Ring of Honor was asked a number of questions on the new asset after the Revolution PPV show.

Khan didn’t go much into detail, and basically said that so many things need to be worked out, including what platform the video library would appear on, the distribution of ROH going forward and what form it would take. He noted that transferring the assets is still being done. When directly asked about Honor Club, which currently has all the recent ROH library and would give AEW the infrastructure to rebrand it and start their own streaming service with the ROH & AEW libraries, he couldn’t give an answer. He said regarding that or other streaming deals and it’s not completely in his hands, but said his existing media partners (WarnerMedia) was aware and fine with the ROH purchase. Whether it’s HBO Max, or Hulu (which is likely to lose WWE when its contract expires), or another service, these are the deals not completed and that are the key right now.

He did specifically say that he would be the booker of ROH, and that he felt he had the resources to present a better version of ROH than anyone else could. That would be difficult to dispute because while Sinclair had the resources to do with ROH and at least attempt to do what Khan did with AEW, they never chose to.

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