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March 16, 2020 Observer Newsletter: Coronavirus cancellations, Rob Gronkowski, more


The spreading of the coronavirus has the entire sports, entertainment, travel and tourism economies in at least short-term jeopardy, along with the far more serious aspects of a rapidly-spreading disease that will seemingly greatly affect all of our lives in some form.

Things change hourly, but pro wrestling and MMA, like all sports and entertainment forms are in a state of mass uncertainty. It’s far more than simply the fear of WrestleMania not taking place in the manner expected, but the schedules of all promotions, and for that matter, all major sports and entertainment forms are in short-term jeopardy. With the NBA putting a hold on all play, the domino effect will affect the sports world, but that’s entertainment, and right now sports and entertainment are a minor concern. If we knew this was temporary and had a time frame of when things would be back to normal, it would be a bad period, but that would be one thing. With no time frame, it’s very different.

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