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March 19, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: 2017 Observer Newsletter Awards


With WWE’s last major show, Fast Lane, out of the way, everything now is directly geared for WrestleMania with most of the show either announced, or teased in some form.

Interest appears to be high since television viewership was well up for both Raw and Smackdown this past week, with both shows doing their second biggest numbers of the year, even beating the week after the Royal Rumble.

After all the storyline denials, the John Cena vs. Undertaker match is now a given, with Cena issuing the challenge on the 3/13 Raw show. Three other new matches have led to a lot of speculation and controversy.

Stemming from Fast Lane, where Shane McMahon pulled the ref out of the ring twice, once when Kevin Owens had the six-way match won, and a second time when Sami Zayn did, and an angle on Smackdown where the two of them brutally beat down Shane, there is some sort of a match set up.

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