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March 21, 2022 Observer Newsletter: Death of Scott Hall

Dave Meltzer covers the life and career of Scott Hall in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Scott Hall, one of the key characters in the late 90s pro wrestling boom, someone known for his intelligence when it came to his profession but was also very self-destructive outside the ring, passed away on 3/14 at the age of 63.

Hall had suffered a broken hip last week and underwent surgery at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, GA. During the surgery, he had a blood clot. This led to suffering three heart attacks and he had to be put on life support. By the morning of 3/13, family members confided to those close to him that he was not going to live through the ordeal. Family members and friends were alerted to come see him, or to say goodbye by phone when he was put on life support. At about noon Eastern time the next day, he was taken off life support, where it would have taken a major miracle for him to survive. He passed away in the early evening.

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