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March 22, 2004 Observer Newsletter: WrestleMania XX review


After a successful Wrestlemania, paced by what will probably be remembered as one of the great Mania matches ever, there is no time to savor the victory, because there are uncharted waters ahead.

Early indications are that Mania will wind up near or above records as the biggest money pro wrestling event in history. We also set an all-time record, by far, for poll responses to the show. That would seem an amazing comeback from the late 2003 low point of Armageddon. But much of the success of the show was based on other factors, the significance of a year-long promotion of the 20th annual event, and main stars who are not with the company as it goes forward.

When Brock Lesnar told management at Smackdown on 3/9 in Atlantic City that he was quitting after Wrestlemania, a panic set in, even though business has been on the upswing.

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