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March 22, 2021 Observer Newsletter: UFC running Florida with full crowds, WrestleMania tickets


With another COVID breakout in NXT, WWE put tickets on sale on 3/18 for WrestleMania in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium while UFC announced what would be the first attempt to do a sold out full arena show for a sports event in the U.S. on 4/24.

In Florida, there are no regulations whatsoever regarding large gatherings. WWE could, if they felt they could sell the tickets and it was morally responsible, put 60,000 in Raymond James Stadium. AEW could put 5,500 tickets for sale for Dynamite, which they couldn’t sell right now, or for Double or Nothing, which by 5/30, maybe they could, if they wanted to. And by 5/30, if enough of the country is vaccinated, that may not even be irresponsible.

Last week they had told city officials and the hotels in the area that they were looking at 45,000 per show, or 75 percent capacity. Back in January, when the decision was pretty much made to sell tickets to WrestleMania, the idea was 50 percent capacity. Tickets were to go on sale on 3/16, but the night before they announced ticket sales were delayed. The idea is that the way they had set up the building was going to change from the original plans. On 3/18, they put 25,000 seats on sale for each night, or 42 percent capacity (the public claim is 36 percent but that’s of a football capacity, and with the stage cutting out 12,000 seats and the floor adding 7,000, the net loss of capacity is under the 65,000 listed for football).

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