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March 24, 2003 Observer Newsletter: Goldberg signs with WWE, more


While it won’t be confirmed by either side due to confidentiality, Bill Goldberg signed his contract with WWE this week and will be debuting very shortly.

Sources close to the situation say that the belief is Goldberg signed his contract over the weekend, but WWE has asked him to keep it quiet. Others have confirmed the signature. Vince McMahon denied he had signed at the Mania press conference but given that they want it quiet, he would have had to whether true or not. More than one friend of Goldberg’s has said that Goldberg has said told them in the past week that he is going in, and point to his living in the gym over the past week to get his body back in pro wrestling cosmetic shape as quickly as possible.

It is known that internally within WWE, scenarios are being worked on for his imminent debut. It isn’t clear what the compromises regarding creativity and scheduling turned out to be, as money terms were agreed upon by both sides long ago.

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