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March 26, 2001 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: The imminent collapse of WCW


Even to the end, they couldn't be completely honest to their own employees. There is no hiatus, and by the end of the day, TBS Inc. publicly announced it would no longer air wrestling on its stations after a 29-year run.

This clears the way for an expected purchase of what is left of the company, the name and trademarks owned by the company and the videotape library by the WWF, plus however they negotiate contracts of wrestlers, which is expected to go down within two weeks. The combination of the purchase and the end of wrestling on the Turner networks, may mark the biggest news story in the modern era of wrestling. If not the biggest, it ends the challenging story for first place, as the final end of the wrestling war started when Vince McMahon raided Hulk Hogan, David Shults, Roddy Piper and Gene Okerlund from Verne Gagne and Jim Crockett in December of 1983, signalling the start of the wrestling war, which he appeared to have won many times, but it was never final until now.

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