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March 26, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWE medically clears Daniel Bryan


After three years on the sidelines and two years since his memorable retirement speech, the WWE has cleared Bryan Danielson to return to wrestle.

Danielson, 36, was almost surely going to be wrestling by the end of the year. After being cleared by numerous doctors, if WWE had not cleared him, he would have likely worked for New Japan, ROH, CMLL and other promotions starting in October.

Danielson was pretty well told he would be cleared after an examination in Pittsburgh on the evening of 3/19 by Dr. Joseph Maroon, the Medical Director for the WWE. Maroon, who has been categorized, and unfairly, as the villain in this story to some fans (while equally unfairly Danielson has been portrayed by some as ignoring medical advice to insist on continuing his career), made the ruling in 2015 that Danielson would not be medically cleared to continue wrestling.

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