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May 1, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Vince McMahon movie in development, Mauro Ranallo/WWE situation, more


The life of Vince McMahon will be the subject of a major motion picture, “Pandemonium,” which is expected to be distributed by TriStar Pictures.

The idea of a McMahon movie actually dated back to last summer according to the Hollywood Reporter, and was being shopped around at the time. The story said that the script, written by Craig A. Williams, was viewed well, but WWE and McMahon were not on board nor had any control, and the studios didn’t want to get into an inevitable fight over how McMahon would be portrayed.

Andrew Lazar, the producer of “American Sniper,” then negotiated a deal with McMahon for the rights to his life story. Once McMahon was on board, and McMahon’s WWE Studios were part of the production team, the idea made the rounds in Hollywood and garnered interest from multiple parties.

The reports said that TriStar Pictures was in negotiations for the movie, and went all out in the pitch, even to the point of decorating their offices with WWE merchandise.

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