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May 10, 2004 Observer Newsletter: WWE introducing wilder characters, PRIDE controversy, more


he WWE has seemingly changed directions when it comes to some characters and has more plans to get wilder with new characters.

As it turns out, the Eugene character is going to be portrayed in the manner suggested here a few weeks ago. This has nothing to do with what was written here, as it was suggested by many people before hand. But the original gimmick of a modern day Rainman crossed with Mighty Igor (a 70s babyface character who played a simple immigrant who had freakish strength) looks from TV this week to be a guy whose Rainman strengths makes him pick up technical submission wrestling at incredible speed. The character looks to be that of a simple man, who actually is a great wrestler after a great television vignette where William Regal was attempting to teach him and then stretch him, and he wound up stretching his teacher.

The other major change is that the Hirohito name for Kenzo Suzuki has been dropped. 

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