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May 15, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWE financials breakdown, Braun Strowman injured, tons more


There are a number of things to take from the 5/4 investors call and financial information for the first quarter.

The big surprise was the low profit from the quarter of $888,000 (really $897,000 with adjustments related to changes in foreign currency) even though revenues for the first quarter totaled $188,444,000, up from $171,100,00 the first quarter of 2016.

Wall Street at first reacted negatively to the lower than expected profits, but the stock later normalized as the week went on, since the feeling is still that this is a healthy company that will only grow stronger. At press time the stock price was $20.25 per share giving the company a market value of $1.55 billion.

The company these days is mostly built around making money from television, a figure that is consistently growing, and from the network. Network numbers are growing annually.

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