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May 19, 2003 Observer Newsletter: WWE airs Miss Elizabeth 911 call, Freddie Blassie book, more


The police report filed based on a conversation with Lex Luger, as well as the 911 tape, both indicated that Elizabeth Hulette was mixing vodka and painkillers, sat down to eat, started gurgling, and then died at about 5:30 a.m. on 5/1.

The 911 tape, much of which was played on the WWE’s television show Confidential on 5/10, saw a totally panicked Luger call saying, “My girlfriend has passed out, and I can’t get her to come to

We were eating and she started gurgling. I don’t know why. Please send somebody, please.”

Luger told police Hulette drank about two glasses of vodka and took some pills for back pain. While she was sitting on the couch eating some food, she started choking. Luger claimed he picked up some napkins to try and take the food out of her mouth, and started shaking her, hoping the food would dislodge, but noticed he wasn’t breathing, and in a panic, called 911.

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