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May 24, 1999 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: ECW Hardcore Heaven/WWF No Mercy


Amidst rumors flying everywhere of the possible demise of the company and others who are talking that the company is a short period away from growing bigger than ever, the ECW Hardcore Heaven PPV came off like a show that was a bridge for the company to something new, but when it was over, there were still no answers over whether what is new is good news or bad news.

It is hardly a secret that ECW is plagued with financial problems. There are wrestlers owed large sums of money. Those close to Shane Douglas, whose departure from the company, while expected, came out day earlier than expected resulting in him no-showing the PPV, is rumored to be owed in excess of $80,000 (some reports have that figure at $100,000). The stories about the bounced checks are legion. There are some really strange stories about finances, including the often asked question of how the company met payroll and... 

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